Below are a list of frequenly ask questions about LakePro and what we do. Take a look…

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How Far Will LakePro Travel To Manage A Waterbody?

LakePro has clients in many Michigan counties and we are willing to travel anywhere in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula to provide our services. We also provide lake consulting and pond services in Ohio and Indiana.

What Kind Of Professional Equipment Does LakePro Use?

Professional EquipmentLakePro has a treatment fleet of Carolina Skiff fiberglass boats with Mercury outboard motors ranging for 8′ to 16′. Each boat is equipped with a state-of-the-art herbicide delivery system powered by a Honda pump.

We also have an Air Boat for aquatic weed control, multiple Starcraft 16′ V-hull boat for lake management, and other land equipment such as; New Holland 55hp Tractor, Polaris Rangers, and 4 Wheelers equipped with portable herbicide sprayers for Cattail and Phragmites treatments.

How Often Does LakePro Have To Treat A Waterbody?

How Often Does LakePro Have To Treat A Waterbody?LakePro treats your plants, not your water. We apply products to the water to control specific plants. Treatments may take place for early-season weeds, late-season weeds, or nuisance algae. Frequency is determined by the plant growth in your waterbody throughout the entire summer. We treat some lakes only two times and some golf course ponds as many as 20 times a year!

The key is that every waterbody is different. LakePro will evaluate your waterbody and treatment history to design a custom treatment plan to keep your water looking great all summer long!

Who Monitors LakePro In The State Of Michigan?

LakePro is licensed as a Commercial Pesticide Business by the MDARD. Every employee at LakePro is individually licensed as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator by the MDARD.

Michigan EGLE – ANC requires a permit to treat every waterbody. LakePro handles all permit applications, reporting, and compliance for our clients. All treatments are also regulated by the EPA – NPDES.

When Can We Start Treatments?

To start treatments, LakePro requires a signed contract from you. We must secure a permit from EGLE – ANC. EGLE can take up to 30 business days to issue your permit. Once we have these two documents, we can begin treatments.

LakePro offers treatments from April 1 through October 31 and usually schedules your treatments during the warm summer months when plants are growing and you want the water looking great.

Can I Water My Lawn After A Treatment?

After every treatment, LakePro will leave you a notice that lists any water use restrictions, such as “Do not water turf/lawn for 3 days”.

Water use restrictions minimize non-target impacts. Restrictions may cover swimming, irrigation, domestic uses, drinking water, and livestock watering, depending on the products used for your treatment. It is important that you follow the restrictions on your notice.

Established lawns are resilient; in all our years of business, we have never seen a lawn harmed by watering with lake water. The highest risk is to fresh plantings, vegetables, and flowers in bloom.

Are Any Of These Products Harmful To People Or Wildlife?

carson dominickThe products used by LakePro are approved four times before going in your water. The EPA approves the product and its label for use in the USA. The MDARD certifies the product for use in Michigan. The ELGE approves the product and rates for use in Michigan water. Finally, the ELGE approves specific products and rates for your waterbody in your individual permit.

When used according to the federally-approved label, in compliance with the EGLE permit, and following the water use restrictions, the potential non-target impacts of these products are minimal. That means the product will control its intended target without posing a risk to people, pets, fish, waterfowl, or any other non-target organism.

Please use this link to learn more: Why Aquatic Herbicides Affect Aquatic Plants and Not You!

How Long Does It Take To Control The Plants?

Treatment results depend heavily on the plant species, density, weather, and products used. There are generally three groups of products that LakePro may use to treat your waterbody: Algicides, Contact Herbicides, and Systemic Herbicides.

Algae treated with algicides will disappear in 1 to 7 days and multiple treatments may be needed to completely eliminate a heavy algae bloom. Plants treated with a contact herbicide usually fall out of the water column in 2 to 4 weeks, but they may regrow later in the season. Plants treated with a systemic herbicide usually fall out of the water column in 4 to 8 weeks and usually do not regrow.

Can I Purchase Your Products To Treat My Own Waterbody?

YES! Please visit our Store to view the products we sell directly to riparians. If needed, you may call or e-mail our office to discuss your problem plants and receive a free consultation about which products will help improve your water quality.

Please be aware that a permit may be required before applying aquatic herbicides to your waterbody.