Lake Management Best Practices

Apr 14, 2023 | Latest News

The process of effective lake management best practices takes a lot of work. Managing and obtaining full recreational enjoyment levels from our inland lakes is a top priority for riparians, property owners, homeowners associations, and local governments.  Issues like climate change, excessive boating use, nutrient level increases, and more, are adding stress to a balanced lake ecosystem.

This handy checklist is a great starting point for lake management best practices and developing data to determine the best lake management practices and to identify the priorities needed to improve your lake.

  • Step one has to thoroughly assess the lake’s current condition to identify issues or concerns that need to be prioritized.  Areas to address include water quality, nutrient levels, aquatic vegetation management, and fisheries management. Once completed, it will be essential to prioritize your needs and action steps.
  • Aquatic vegetation management could include mechanical (harvesting) methods or chemical control (herbicide) treatments. The priority is to always keep invasive species in check and maintain a healthy balance of native plants. Permits are required for herbicide treatments.
  • Implement a nutrient management program to minimize nutrient inputs into the lake with the goal of preventing excessive algae blooms.
  • Utilize a fisheries management service to maintain a healthy and balanced fish population.
  • Maintain open communication with lake users and stakeholders to ensure that they understand the dynamics of lake management with vegetation management and nutrient management.
  • Offer educational programs for lake users, fishermen, boaters, and property owners to help promote responsible behavior and reduce impacts on the lake ecosystem.
  • Implement erosion control measures to reduce sediment inputs into the lake with the goal of improving overall water quality.

At Lake Pro Inc., we are proud to have a team of professionals that will bring knowledge and experience to your lake management concerns and needs.  Founded in 2001, we have managed lakes and ponds across lower Michigan.  Call us at 810-635-4400 to discuss how we can help you.

Visit our lake management page for additional information.

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