Severe Filamentous Algae Issues

Mar 22, 2024 | Do You Know, Latest News

Pond Algae and Weed issus Lake Pro Management

Before Treatment

  • This pond has a catastrophic filamentous algae bloom, as can be seen by the 100% surface coverage.
  • Multiple inlets bringing in nutrients increased eutrophication of this pond, leading to a large unsightly algal bloom.
  • A large amount of biomass from previously cut phragmites lining the pond last season may contribute to the nutrient source.
Pond Algae and Weed issus Lake Pro Management

After Treatment

  • Upon assessment, it was determined to use chelated copper algicides, and flumioxazin products with an endothall and adjuvant to gain control.
  • The endothall and adjuvant effectively permeated the algae cuticle and allowed the algicides and flumi products to disrupt the algae’s ability to function and absorb nutrients.
  • Two weeks later, the waterbody was spotless, as shown here.

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