Pond Management Best Practices

Apr 17, 2023 | Do You Know, Latest News

Pond management
Pond with two aeration pumps in place.

Property owners with ponds are often faced with issues concerning vegetation growth, water quality, fish kills, etc. This checklist will help you identify areas of concern and the steps necessary for excellent pond management.

There are several points we would like to cover in this blog post including, aeration systems, algaecide treatments, water dyes, bacteria products, and fish food.

  • Adding an aeration system will increase dissolved oxygen levels.  This is an excellent way to improve and promote a healthy ecosystem and prevent fish kills. Aeration systems (through pumps or fountains), will help reduce algae growth and improve water clarity.
  • Pond algaecides are chemicals used to control or eliminate algae growth in ponds.  They are available in liquid or granular forms and work by either interfering with the algae’s photosynthesis process or damaging their cell walls. Herbicide chemicals are used to treat vegetation growth, primarily of nuisance invasive species. Permits are required for these products.
  • Pond water dyes are used to improve the appearance of ponds by adding color to the water.  They also help reduce sunlight penetration, which can help reduce algae growth and improve water quality.
  • Pond bacterial products are used to improve water quality in ponds by breaking down organic matter, such as fish waste and dead plant material. They can also help reduce the number of nutrients in the water, which can help reduce algae growth.
  • Feeding fish in a pond is an important aspect of pond management. Fish food should be high quality and formulated for the specific species of fish in the pond.
  • Regular testing of water quality is important for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem.  Testing kits are available for monitoring pH, ammonia, nitrate, and other parameters.

At Lake Pro Inc., we have been in the pond and lake management business since 2001. We can offer products for the DIY pond owner or professional consulting and management services for those who require more specialized assistance in managing their ponds.

We invite you to visit our pond management page for details on our services.

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