LakePro Nature’s Blend


LakePro Nature’s Blend is a powder mixture of bacteria spores. It comes in water-soluble packets.  You will toss these packets into the water and they dissolve in a few minutes. The packets release something that resembles sawdust, but actually contains bacteria spores and micro-nutrients. Using biological augmentation products helps to clarify your water, reduce algae growth, and prevent muck from accumulating on the bottom of your waterbody. For best results, we recommend using an enzyme with this product, such as LakePro Enzyme.

Available in 30 pound containers.

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Weight 30 lbs
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30 pounds

LakePro Nature’s Blend Can Control The Following Plants:

Nutrient & Odor Control

Nutrient & Odor Control

This product starts to work once in the water. Initial effects within days. Complete effectiveness achieved after season application. The suggested application rate with LakePro Natures Blend is 3# per acre monthly, with an initial dose of 9# per acre.