FAQ for DIYers

Do It Yourself

If you like to do things yourself, LakePro can help prescribe the correct material for you to be proactive in your management goals.

Cost-Effective Solutions And Optimum Result

If you need water treatment but you’d rather do the work yourself, LakePro sells products for you to use. We don’t sell the “consumer” versions that you find in home improvement stores – these products are the same commercial-grade products that we use in our treatments.

LakePro will also help determine the size of your waterbody, the target plants, the correct product, and the amounts to use. We will also inform you of any requirements and restrictions for the use of the products along with detailed instructions on how to properly apply them.

Identify Your Water Problem

A wide range of aquatic plants can be found growing in, on, and around your waterbody. Let LakePro help you identify the aquatic plants that may be growing. Click here to identify your water problem.

Does my waterbody require a permit?

In Michigan chemically controlling nuisance aquatic species is a regulated activity. Most waterbodies throughout the State will require a permit from EGLE’s ANC Program. Learn More.

Label & Safety Data

Do you want to know more about the products used to control Aquatic Plants? LakePro has complied all the labels and safety data sheets in one place for you. Learn More.

FAQ for DIYers

Do you have questions and need answers? If you are a do it yourselfer, but just have a few questions before you start, you are in the right place. See our FAQs.

Waterbody Calculator

Having trouble figuring out the size of your waterbody? Use this helpful LakePro calculator to determine the surface acres and volume of your waterbody. Learn More.


LakePro has compiled a list of resources to help you with your search for aquatic answers. Learn More.