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Improving Your Lake’s Ecosystem

Vertex Aquatic Solutions DealerLakePro is partnered with Vertex and Outdoor Solution to provide certified full service for their products.

Additional Services

outdoor water solutionsLakePro also partners with several other manufacturers to provide a wide range of aerators and diffusers along with fountains to fit every need. Complete maintenance, repair, and storage are also available from LakePro.

Aeration Benefits

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Oxygen Levels

Oxygen levels may drop during the warm season. Low oxygen levels can lead to fish kills and limit the effectiveness of beneficial microorganisms. Aerators are an excellent tool that can provide improved levels of oxygen.

Reduce Nutrient Load

Microbiota and beneficial bacteria are part of a healthy ecosystem that helps to keep nutrient loads in check. Aeration helps these microbiotas thrive in waters they otherwise couldn’t. Aeration also keeps phosphorus out of the water column by oxygenating the sediment. 

Reduce Organic Buildup

aeration systemDead plants and algae can build up at the lake bottom over time and cause odors and muck. Aeration aids in the decomposition of these organic materials by providing fuel to the bacteria and microorganisms that carry out the process.

Keep Fish Healthy

Higher oxygen levels also lead to a healthier fishery. A healthy fish population is essential to a balanced aquatic ecosystem Fish need oxygen to thrive. Additionally, when lakes freeze in winter, the ice seals off access to the air, potentially leading to fish kills. Saturating the water with oxygen in the fall will help to prevent these winter fish kills.

Limit Severe Algal Blooms
Decrease The Severity Of Algae Blooms Aeration helps lower nutrients, mix water, and fuel decomposition. These three key features work to limit the severity of algae blooms, promoting a balanced ecosystem. Less algae also mean lower herbicide rates are required.