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Emergent & Phragmite Control

Control And Manage

Phragmites continue to expand and reproduce around waterbodies. They can overtake shoreline ecosystems, block your view, reduce areas of swimming, hinder fishing and shrink your beach. LakePro can help you eradicate this invasive plant from your area.

LakePro specializes in herbicide treatments and aggressive management programs for Phragmites and other emergent plants. If you need to manage these plants, contact us today for a free quote.

How it works

Site Planning

site inspectionThe first step toward eradicating your Phragmites is creating a customized treatment plan. Whether it’s herbicides, burning, or cutting, LakePro can determine the best practices for control based on the size, location, and density of the Phragmites.


During the site evaluation, we will also determine whether a permit is required. If a permit is required, LakePro will handle the application and compliance process for you.

Herbicide Control

phragmitesControl with herbicides is recommended for almost all successful control programs. We may recommend contact herbicides, systemic herbicides, or a combination of both depending on the site, time of treatment, and budget. The goal of any program is to apply herbicides in a manner that the Phragmites will absorb them and move them in their roots. Some programs may require multiple years of treatment for full control.

Mechanical Removal

Cutting, burning, or mulching may be required to physically remove dead plant material after herbicide treatments. All mechanical methods should take place after the first deep frost in winter to prevent further spread. Tilling is not recommended to avoid the promotion of new growth and spread.