Lake Services

Shoreline Restoration, Stabilization & Bio Filtering

Waterfront Preservation

In the past, seawalls were the only way to protect your shoreline. Now you are able to produce a natural shoreline that can offer protection form erosion while improving your water quality. Natural materials and native plants help to secure the shoreline sediments and stop erosion. LakePro is a certified company that can help you design and install a natural shoreline.

We replace the seawall and stop the erosion by adding native plants, bio-logs and natural materials. These natural shorelines can offer great benefits and help improve the water quality. Also, bio-materials can protect against 10-foot waves and beautify your lakefront.

Protect Your Waterfront

Custom Design

shorelineA site visit is required first so LakePro can inspect the current shoreline, take measurements, and learn about your concerns and goals for a new shoreline. After the inspection, we will create a custom design to enhance, protect, and preserve your shoreline.

Acquiring a Permit

In most cases, a Part 301 EGLE Permit is required for your shoreline restoration. If a permit is needed, LakePro will take care of creating and collecting any plans or details needed and help to submit your application. We will also assist with any additional correspondence and compliance reports that may be required.

Aesthetic Benefits

Beautification Your shoreline can be customized from the type of plants to boulder and rock style and size. Transform your shoreline any way you want.

Keep Your Shoreline Intact

Erosion ControlWe bio-engineer your shoreline with natural materials to control erosion from wave action and the elements. LakePro utilizes coir logs, erosion blankets, and native plants of your choice to create a natural and beautiful shoreline.

Limit Nutrient Introduction

Nutrient BufferNative plants on your shore act as a kind of bio-filter, absorbing nutrients before they can enter the lake. Reducing nutrients will improve your water quality and help to mitigate drastic vegetation blooms.

Natural Habitat for Wildlife

Shoreline HabitatNatural shorelines provide a buffer and transition from water to land that provides many ecological benefits. Natural shorelines create a prime habitat for wildlife such as turtles, fish, insects, and waterfowl.