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Biological Augmentation & Nutrient Reduction

Helping Your Water Quality Naturally

As time goes by, your waterbody accumulates organic material and sediment. Leaves, grass clippings and animal waste contribute to the aging of your waterbody. These materials release nutrients, cause less depth and faster plant growth.

Incorporating a Biological Augmentation Program can help reverse this process. By adding natural bacteria yearly, organic material and nutrients can be reduced. Bacteria will also reduce the intensity of algae blooms and lessen nutrients within the water column.

Your Biological Augmentation Program

Symptoms of an Aging Waterbody

aging waterbodyMuck build up and increased algae blooms are both symptoms of an aging waterbody. When organic materials settle to the lake bottom, muck increases, and plant growth is fueled by the accumulation of nutrients. Biologoical Augmentation programs treat the cause of these issues rather than the symptoms themselves.

Biological Solutions

Treatment Options & MethodsThree biological products are available from LakePro: LP Nature’s Blend, LP Tablets, and LP Enzymes.

LP Nature’s Blend comes in the form of water-soluble packets that dissolved within a few minutes. The packets contain beneficial bacteria that consume the nutrients in the water column. These bacteria become active as soon as they are released into the water.

LP Tablets are compressed bacteria that are broadcast across the surface water and sink to the lake bottom. The tablets saturate the sediment with natural bacteria and stimulants that digest muck and consume nutrients.

LP Enzymes is a liquid that is used in conjunction with algicides and herbicides. The enzymes in the mixture accelerate the decomposition of treated plants.


The benefits of Biological Augmentation include reduction of both nutrients and organic material in the lake. Restoring a lake’s natural water quality is a long-term process, so results are not immediately visible. But, this leads to several other benefits that you can see, smell, and feel!

Secondary Results

Secondary ResultsReducing nutrients and organics in the water leads to several other benefits. You will first notice the absence of strong smells. Then you will see the water clarity improve. Finally, the algae blooms will become less severe and occur less often.

With LP Pellets, you’ll notice the bottom of the pond improve. The muck will become thinner and less slippery. And as you walk on it, you’ll notice the bubbles and smells will start to disappear.


Biological augmentation is a slow process. We augment a natural process by adding more of the beneficial components to your water. Like taking a vitamin for your body, a Biological Augmentation Program helps to improve your lake’s health. Also, it is best to continue your program every year to compound the positive changes.