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Goose Deterrent

Guaranteed Geese Deterrent

By using a solar-powered light that will flash every two seconds throughout the year, we can guarantee the geese will stay away. This light will disrupt the sleeping patterns of the geese causing them to feel insecure and anxious. After a few nights of feeling anxious, these geese will find a new habitat. This light is dim to humans and barely noticeable.

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Get Rid of Geese

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Risk Free

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All products come with a risk-free 90-day trial. If you are not satisfied after 90 days, the products may be returned for a full refund (minus the cost of shipping). All products and parts also carry a two-year warranty.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Geese DeterrentThe lights are powered by a small solar panel and automatically turn on and off each morning and night. Lights are also specially sealed to withstand the elements.

Barely Noticeable

Geese Deterrent Barely NoticeableThe light emitted is barely visible to humans but extremely annoying to geese. The light disrupts their sleep making them find a new place to live.

Eco Friendly

away with geese floater

Away With Geese lights have no effect on other wildlife or the water body. They are environmentally friendly and do not hurt the geese, only annoy them.

Harmless to Geese

The lights annoy geese to the point they want to leave but otherwise do not harm them. They are a humane way to solve your problem with geese.

Long-Term Solution

Long-Term SolutionThese products are a long-term solution to goose control. Without the need to reapply chemicals or other deterrents, it is also cost-effective.