Pond Services

Shoreline Restoration, Stabilization & Bio Filtering

Preserve Your Waterfront

For many years, seawalls were the only tool to protect shoreline from erosion. You are now able to create a natural shoreline that offers the same protection from erosion while improving your water quality. Our shorelines use natural materials and native plants to secure the shoreline sediments and stop erosion. You might think you have too much wave action, but we use bio-materials that can protect against 10-foot waves!

LakePro is certified to design and install natural shorelines to replace a seawall, stop erosion, or simply beautify your lakefront. Your project may include native plants, stone, bio-logs, or other natural materials. Natural shorelines offer numerous and tremendous benefits to the shoreline and the water quality.

Shoreline Restoration

Site Inspection

shorelineThe first step in creating your new shoreline is for LakePro to conduct a free site inspection. During this visit, we will discuss your concerns and ideas for a new shoreline. We will also inspect the shoreline and take measurements to start creating a customized design that will protect and enhance your shoreline.


A permit may be required for shoreline restoration of your pond. LakePro will help design your new shoreline and create the blueprints and details that are needed for your permit application. LakePro can also help submit your application and provide all correspondence and compliance reports.


Beautification The most important benefit of a natural shoreline is the way it looks. We allow you to completely customize the plants we use. You can choose plants by height, flower color, and bloom time. You can transform your shoreline from a grass edge to a beautiful, color haven for butterflies and birds!

Erosion Control

Erosion Control Seawalls aren’t your only option! We can create custom designs that will protect your shoreline from wave action. Bio-engineering uses natural materials and native plants to secure your shoreline naturally. We may use coir logs, coir blocks, erosion control blankets, native plant seeds, or native plantings. We provide you with the list of plants so you can completely customize the look of your shoreline.

Nutrient Buffer

Nutrient Buffer A natural shoreline creates an effective buffer at the water’s edge. By promoting native plant growth, your shoreline will become a living sponge that absorbs excess nutrients sliding off your lawn toward the water. Reducing the nutrients that reach the water improves your water quality.

Shoreline Habitat

Shoreline Habitat A natural shoreline provides a transition from your upland lawn and the shallow water. Your natural shoreline creates the emergent wetland habitat that provides essential ecological services. The benefits include habitat for fish, frogs, turtles, and insects. This helps promote a healthy food chain, which is essential to great water quality.