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Mosquito Control

Simple Solutions With Powerful Results

When you think of mosquitoes you probably think of flying insects, but mosquitoes only spend their adult stage in the air. For most of their lives, mosquitoes actually live in water. LakePro’s mosquito programs use a larvicide to kill mosquito larvae in the water. This product stops the mosquito population from hatching and becoming a nuisance in the air!

If mosquitoes stop you from enjoying time around your waterbody, a mosquito control program may help! Contact us today and get a free quote for a mosquito control program.

Mosquito Information

How To Limit Breeding Habitat

mosquito controlTo stop mosquito problems on your property, prevention is the best medicine. Eliminating standing water on your property is the best way to eliminate mosquito problems. This may include:

  • Emptying rainwater from various items around your yard
  • Adding drainage to low area
  • Raising ground elevation in low areas
  • Clearing culverts and other pipes
  • Changing water in birdbaths and garden ponds
  • Adding aeration to stagnant ponds
Larval Control

LakePro’s Mosquito Control programs focus on larval control in water around your property. This could be ditches, low lying areas, or the edges of your pond. Our treatments kill the mosquito larvae before they ever hatch into flying adults, stopping the problem before it starts!

Treatments need to done on a regular basis to continue controlling each generation throughout the summer. The larvicide we use is specific to mosquitoes and does not harm any other organisms in the water or that use the water.

Controlling Adult Populations

mosquito adultsWhen you already have a problem of adult mosquitoes, we recommend another control method, such as the Mosquito Magnet. But it’s not too late to start a larval control program to stop the next generation of bugs before they hatch! Contact us today to get a free quote for a mosquito control program.