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Biological Augmentation Programs

Naturally Improve Your Water Quality

Over time, your waterbody accumulates sediment and organic materials which leads to “aging”. Tree leaves, grass clippings, and animal waste are among the contributors to this problem. Once in the water, these materials release nutrients that lead to less depth and stronger plant growth.

LakePro’s Biological Augmentation Programs can reverse this process. We add natural bacteria that consumes nutrients and organic material. This helps to slow the accumulation of muck and in some cases even create more depth. The bacteria also deplete nutrients in the water reducing the intensity of algae blooms.

Biological Augmentation Information

Common Symptoms

You may start noticing more algae growing in your pond. Or the bottom might feel softer under your feet. Both of these are symptoms of an aging waterbody. The basin accumulated enough nutrients that plant growth becomes stronger and the muck on the bottom becomes thicker. Herbicides are effective at controlling the nuisance plant growth. However, herbicides are a reactive solution. Our Biological Augmentation Programs are a proactive solution. These applications treat the cause of your symptoms by consuming excess nutrients.

Treatment Options & Methods

Treatment Options & MethodsWe currently offer three biological products: LP Nature’s Blend, LP Pellets, LP Muck Tablets and LP Enzymes.

LP Nature’s Blend consumes nutrients in the water column. It comes in water-soluble packets. We toss these packets into the water and they dissolve in a few minutes. The packets release something that resembles sawdust, but actually contains bacteria spores and micronutrients. Once in the water, the spores become active and start consuming the nutrients in the water.

LP Pellets and LP Muck Tablets come from the same mixture, but come pressed into pellets. We broadcast the pellets across the surface of the water. The pellets sink and penetrate the soft muck. There they absorb water, activate, and start consuming nutrients in the muck.

LP Enzymes is a liquid mixture of enzymes. We mix this product in our tank during algicide and herbicide treatments. After the algicides kill the algae, the enzymes immediately start decomposing the dead plant material.

Primary benefit

The main benefit of a Biological Augmentation Program is reducing nutrients and organic materials. This is a long term solution, so unfortunately, you cannot immediately see this result. But, this leads to several other benefits that you can see, smell, and feel!

Secondary Results

Secondary ResultsReducing nutrients and organics in the water leads to several other benefits. You will first notice the absence of strong smells. Then you will see the water clarity improve. Finally, the algae blooms will become less severe and occur less often.

With LP Pellets and LP Muck Tablets, you’ll notice the bottom of the pond improve. The muck will become thinner and less slippery. And as you walk on it, you’ll notice the bubbles and smells will start to disappear.


Biological augmentation is a slow process. We augment a natural process by adding more of the beneficial components to your water. Like taking a vitamin for your body, a Biological Augmentation Program helps to improve your lake’s health. Also, it is best to continue your program every year to compound the positive changes.