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Weed and Algae Control

Offering A Variety Of Customized Solutions

LakePro understands that plants are a vital part of any aquatic ecosystem. However, they can quickly grow to nuisance levels that diminish the recreational, functional and aesthetic values of your waterbody.

Nuisance aquatic plants like algae and water weeds have a devastating effect on property. This causes many individuals to dump all sorts of things in their waterbody. This is ineffective, and potentially hazardous! Our experience has shown a pro-active management plan is absolutely essential.

Our experienced Michigan based staff evaluates aquatic plant problems and prescribes the use of material that are both effective and environmentally safe.

Proper Management


Identification A waterbody problem is something that prevents you from using the water the way you want to. Identifying the problem is the first action in the process of reaching a solution. It is very important to select a competent professional with a proven track record of investigating these type of problems. LakePro’s consultants are experienced in conducting the waterbody studies, identifying the underlying causes, and forming effective management plans. In addition, we are disciplined in biology and have the required knowledge to recommend comprehensive management solutions.


Without a plan, year-to-year decisions are often inconsistent and management is inefficient. Planning is an essential aspect of a good management program. To effectively manage your waterbody, you must have a systematic plan. That’s where LakePro’s services and expertise come into help. We involve you from the start to finish. We start by clarifying goals, gathering information, help make formal decisions, define and implement objectives, evaluate the overall progress, and repeat yearly.


TimingStage of plant growth and density, water temperature, water exchange, weather conditions, water depth, past management practices, and future goals are the main factors to be considered in determining when to start an effective management program. LakePro will help you develop this proper timing, implement your management plan, and reach your desired goals. This is what we are good at, and we do it well.


ApplicationApplying the right application is especially important to achieve good control, avoid non-target impact, eliminate unnecessary expenses, and comply with legal requirements. At LakePro we pride ourselves on accurate and timely services done by well-educated technicians. We place a high value in well implemented services and skilled employees that are dedicated to the customer’s best interest.

Customer Friendly Follow-up

We respect your time. You can expect polite service whenever we communicate with you. In addition, you can expect a rapid response to any inquiry you submit. We’re not going to send you hundreds of emails trying to upsell you more services than you need. We encourage you to ask question and work along with us as we solve your challenging waterbody problems.

Keeping Aquatic Plants In Balance

keeping aquatic plants in balance Our management practices are customized based on the waterbody size, target plant, non-target plants, and timing. This allows us to create the most effective and cost-efficient management plan for you. It also means we use only the amount of material necessary to control the target plants without affecting other organisms.

Management Options

Full Season, Menu, and Call To Request Programs

We offer a variety of programs for any waterbody. If options is what you need, then LakePro can help. Our flexible management programs are customized based on your problems, budget, and circumstances. When you choose a service from LakePro, you will also get a team of proactive experts. We enjoy what we do and proven track record of excellence illustrates that.

Submergent, Floating, And Emergent Plant Control

Submergent, Floating, And Emergent Plant Control Nuisance plants can create many problems in, on, and even around the water. Our experience staff evaluates, develops, and creates the right management approach for you. Large or small, threw our network of services we will get your job done.

Whole Lake Treatment

Whole Lake Treatment Limiting the growth of the invasive submerged species at any stage is important to promote diversity. LakePro’s experience has shown incorporating a customized and well-executed lake plan may be needed to maintain the health of your waterbody. If a whole waterbody treatment is required, our staff will walk you through all the steps and key factors to its full completion.

Right-of-way Applications

Weeds and overgrown areas are more than just an eyesore or inconvenience. Safety, visibility, fire, and operational issues arise when these areas are not controlled or contained. To keep vegetation growth in check, maintenance services may be needed. LakePro offers reliable and affordable applications on water or off, thick or thin, and large or small. If weed control is required, we will help get you there.