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Nutrient Mitigation

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When you think of pond management you probably think of reactive treatments. When there is a bloom, it is treated after it has become a problem. However, nutrient mitigation is a proactive algae and weed management solution that lessens the chemical loading of your waterbody. LakePro’s nutrient mitigation programs use phosphate filtration in a variety of formulations, to reduce the nutrients available for plant growth in your water. 

If you have a nutrient rich waterbody that requires extensive week-to-week treatments, a more proactive and novel program might be the answer for you! Contact us today and get a free quote for a nutrient mitigation  program.

Eutrophication Information

What is Eutrophication?

Eutrophication is the aging and degradation of a waterbody over time. The largest contributing factors to the aging of a waterbody are  nutrient loading, sediment content, and oxygen content.


  • Phosphorous is the nutrient most abundant in eutrophic waterbodies. Nutrients can enter waterbodies through point sources such as inlet pipes and fertilizers, and non point sources like runoff and livestock waste.
  •  Increased sediment content can cause worse turbidity (water clarity) which will decrease the amount of sunlight penetration in the water. This causes a decrease in healthy filtration plants for fish.
  • Added nutrients and lack of filter plants contributes to large algae blooms, which starves the pond of oxygen, resulting in fish kills and greater nutrient loading internally.
Eutrophication Solutions

LakePro’s Nutrient Mitigation programs focus on controlling the amount of nutrients entering the water, as well as the nutrients available in the waterbody.  

LakePro manages phosphorous loading with 3 products:

  • EutroSORB F
  • EutroSORB G
  • MetaFloc

These products alll work in different formulations to bind to, and remove available  phosphorous from the water column.


MetaFloc is LakePro’s preferred liquid phosphate filter that can easily be applied to eutrophic systems during treatment. This product works by binding with phosphorous in the waterbody, and removing it from the water column.

This drops the phosphorous to the sediment layer where the phosphorous is unable to be used by plants and macroalgae.

If a liquid treatment option sounds like a solution for your waterbody, visit our shop for pricing!


EutroSORB G is a granular phosphate filter formulation. The granular qualities of this product sink to the sediment and slowly release over time, offering longer exposer times and direct sediment contact.

This makes EutroSORB G an ideal product for highly eutrophic waterbodies with a disproportionately large sediment layer that contributes to phosphorous levels.

If a granular sediment treatment option sounds like a solution for your waterbody, visit our shop for pricing!


EutroSORB F is a filtration tool that is placed in front of inlets that are contributing high nutrient flow to waterbodies.

This product sits directly in flowing water and in front of inlets and the water passing over it is filtered, and the phosphorous is removed from the water. This product can phsically remove of up to 1lb of phosphorous from the water column, which supports 500lbs of macroalgae!

If physical phosphorous filtration sounds like a solution for your waterbody,

visit our shop to view pricing!